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Suicide Stop - All About Suicide Prevention

Suicide Stop is a suicide prevention resource center offering Suicide Helpline Chats, Suicide Hotlines, Emergency Numbers, Online Therapy and helpful advice for self harming (cutting, anorexia, bulimia etc).

Starting therapy is usually one of the most important steps a person can take to improve their situation. While more and more people are realizing its benefits and openly seeking assistance, some people are still not yet comfortable with seeing a therapist. Online therapy (sometimes referred to as e-therapy) is the perfect solution for such cases. With online therapy there is no need to actually be physically present in the therapist’s office. Online therapy is also usually a cheaper alternative to “face to face” therapy. Online therapy can be conducted via email, an instant messaging service, webcam sessions or a mix of the three. Also bundled in with online therapy at times is the equally as popular option of telephone therapy.


Therapy sessions on the Internet Start Your Therapy Session Now

A professional counselor when you need one - Online experienced therapists are standing by day and night to listen, understand and offer the professional support you need to get your life back on track. Access from anywhere.

Wherever you are, professional help is near. Our programs are based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and since the therapy is web-based, you may access our programs from all around the world.

Convenient, affordable, private online counseling. Anytime, anywhere. Talk with a licensed, professional therapist online. BetterHelp may be right for you if you're looking to improve the quality of your life.



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If you know of any other helpful online therapy websites, please let us know so we can review and add to our listing.


Online Therapy

If you are having serious suicidal urges right now, call the emergency services or call a suicide hotline

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Effective therapy made private and convenient. Curated, edited, and organized by doctors themselves. We transform the way healthcare is delivered by providing affordable virtual consults with psychiatrists & psychologists from the privacy & comfort of your home or anywhere you choose.

Get the benefit of counseling from the privacy of your home or office. We provide different mental health counseling online alternatives such as: telephone, email, chat, and audiovisual counseling mediums. Our site is reliable, safe, and private.