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Suicide Stop - All About Suicide Prevention

Suicide Stop is a suicide prevention resource center offering Suicide Helpline Chats, Suicide Hotlines, Emergency Numbers, Online Therapy and helpful advice for self harming (cutting, anorexia, bulimia etc).


Congratulations. You have made the decision to take control of your life and make the changes necessary for you to enjoy a happy, healthy life. We highlight various programs and websites in this section that have been recommended to us by external sources. It’s great that you have decided to be proactive and face your problem head on, however, if you find yourself faced with serious self-destructive thoughts at anytime, please call a local Hotline or the Emergency Services. If you just need someone to vent to off the phone, you can try a confidential, 1 on 1 Online Chat. For queries related to physical issues or for answers and live consultations with a doctor, see >>> HERE.

If you are having serious suicidal urges right now, call the emergency services or call a suicide hotline


FRANK (Friendly, confidential drugs advice)

FRANK is a helpful national drug education service intended to reduce the use of both legal and illegal drugs. It’s primary focus is on the UK however it carries a wealth of information and helpful links beneficial to all users. It also focuses on alcohol problems, features a live chat, a text line, a hotline and email support.


If you are looking for a topic not listed here, try our books section >>>HERE

Suicide Helpline Chat

Find A Suicide Chat Line HERE

Suicide Hotline

Find Suicide Help Hotline   HERE

Online Therapy

Find E-Therapy (Online Therapists)   HERE


Rehab 4 Addiction is an advisory and referral service for people who suffer from alcohol, drug and behavioural addiction. Rehab 4 Addiction works closely with rehabilitation centres and outpatient clinics throughout the United Kingdom and the admissions team match a patients’ addiction with an appropriately placed rehabilitation centre.


This website features a wealth of information on almost everything related to drugs and how to get the help you need. It has an active community as well as information on symptoms and signs, drug effects, where to get help, commonly used drugs and much more helpful advice.



Everything you need for healthy aging. Seniors haven’t reached the end: they’ve reached a new beginning. And Aging.com was set up to help you start this new phase of your life on the right foot. Our mission is to help you and thousands of other older adults who want to live independently, plan your finances, and take charge of your health care.

Also Learn More About Alcohol Abuse Amongst The Elderly HERE