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Suicide Stop - All About Suicide Prevention

Suicide Stop is a suicide prevention resource center offering Suicide Helpline Chats, Suicide Hotlines, Emergency Numbers, Online Therapy and helpful advice for self harming (cutting, anorexia, bulimia etc).

Gaming Lounge

Games are a great way to distract yourself or pass the time while having fun. In this section, you can have fun playing free online games, get updates and news on your favorite titles, watch the best gamers stream online, sign up for amazing free trials plus much more.  If you prefer something more interactive, visit one of the 3D virtual worlds HERE.



Yahoo games has a grand selection of free games from many different genres. At a glance you can see each game’s ratings, how many people rated it, and how many times the game has been played. There’s even a section for downloading and for getting the latest gaming news. >>>HERE


2Game is an official authorised digital retailer of video games offering Instant email delivery, secure payment via Paypal, and most major credit cards. They are reachable by phone, live-chat 24/7, and email. The service is streamlined, fully automated and accessible from anywhere. >>>HERE


Amazon offers an impressive catalogue of some of the most popular games available. They cater to almost every possible gaming platform. You can pre-order, get special deals, download instantly, or even have the game delivered to your door. Having Amazon Prime sweetens the deal with free 2 day shipping, free access to thousands of movies, and millions of songs. Right now Amazon Prime is available FREE for 30 days. >>>HERE


If you really like games, chances are you will love Twitch. This is a place where gamers converge and stream or watch games and game related videos. They showcase some of the best players in the world as well as some of the biggest gaming events. >>>HERE


Origin is powered by the gaming giant Electronic Arts (EA). They offer many great deals and even an ‘on the house section’ that allows you to download free, full games. You can also check out demo and beta games, and pre-order some of the best new releases. >>>HERE


You can join Steam for free and get access to over 3,500 games including hundreds of free titles. Get demos, gaming news, great software and customized recommendations on the steam website. Steam allows you to make wishlists, converse with their gaming community and access their online support resources. >>>HERE

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Find E-Therapy (Online Therapists)   HERE